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Yoga time! May 4, 2010

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So, I got through another yoga day. This one was definitely a challenge!

I’d say my ankle’s at 96% right now and a lot of the moves… (maybe warrior 2?) required a straight leg, but the ankle was NOT havin that! Not like I dogged it or anything… I was sweatin bullets!

I ended up doing the whole thing, and almost tipped over once. There was the move “side balance” or whatever that kicked my ass. My muscles and arms were shakin like crazy but I powered through it!

Got to the final round of stretches and made it to crane before I called it quits. Not bad for second night back, I think.

Oh- I took the weekend off, ’cause I went to Madison and partied. I got exercise, though… I wandered around lost for about 1.5 hours and got my cardio.


I’m back, bitches! April 30, 2010

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Ok, the header went away… gotta make a new one.
Here’s me tonight!

me dead.

Call the hospital.

You may recall that I shredded my ankle a couple months ago being retarded in a bar. Tony’s Rule #1 in P90X? Don’t be a tard and shred your ankle!
Here’s me on the floor! It was Shoulders and Arms day today and I rocked it…. probably.
See, there were times where I thought about quitting, like “well… eff it, I just got back into it, I’m a little pudgy again (which I’m not).
Side note: P90X diet got rid of my belly pretty quick, but it also took my ghetto booty with it. Kinda upset about that… it was a good quality.
Do I have a main point? Not really- I’m pretty sure I can workout again tomorrow, but Saturday I’ll be in Madison gettin shwasted at 9am-???. Doubt I’ll be thinking about my squat-thrusts by then… or maybe I will? Get it?
Here’s my food for the night.
Yum Yum Hungro!

Yum Yum Hungro!

Woopsie Daisy! March 9, 2010

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Well that sucks.

Sprained my ankle pretty bad a week ago. Yup, it was at a bar. And, to answer your question, yes, I tried to throw some chick over my shoulder while crunk.

To anyone in a similar situation, I have a bit of advice for you… DON’T.

Yup, it was pretty much a lose-lose situation there.

So… not sure when I’ll be back on this workout. I still try to do pullups each day, and I’m still stickin’ with my diet. Boo.

I took a licking! March 2, 2010

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Day 7 already! It was a treat!

An hour of stretching… and to think, I didn’t even want to do it! I was a fool and I apologize to you, myself… but mainly my dog.

This is Fei Po (pronounced Faye Po). She’s a Cairn Terrier, made famous by Toto.Po Po, Rat, Potato, Pop Tart, Tato But she’s not black. She’s smart, and a rat and she sneaks up on you. You’ll feel a presence and hear snorting. It’s her.

Isn’t she puuuuudorable? The answer is yes.


If you have pets, you may notice that they get in the way of most things. Cooking… they’re walkin’ around your feet. Takin’ a crap… they bust through the door and lay down. Doin’ your day 7 P90X stretches… they’re on your face, your shoulders, your arms- lickin’ all your sweat. I just had to document it.

Yeah... she licked me for about 5 minutes.

Yup. There she is… gettin down to business. It was pretty funny, most of the time, but I think she got used to it. Even when I would shoo her away… she’d be right back.

Ok, that’s it, I think.

Point is: let your pets in on the workout, they won’t feel neglected and you get a free shower out of it.

Speaking of… I wasn’t going to shower tonight, because it wasn’t an intense workout. After writing this post and remembering her licking… I really should reconsider.

Drink Drank Drunk March 1, 2010

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Let’s see… Not sure if I’m taking the diet as seriously… or adhering to it as strictly as I should

Friday night… had some brewskis had some drinkypoo’s. It’s Milwaukee, whaddya want from me?! But I also danced my ass off in a hot ass club. Did I burn those calories? I’d like to think so.

Saturday night… had only 6 brewskis.  PBRs, but I’m no hipster. Danced my ass off. We all did.

During the day, though I stuck with the eating regimen and finished my workouts- wait. Scratch that. I almost finished my leg and back workout. My legs were on FIRE during the wall squats. I’m going to kill whoever invented walls…. or whoever combined a wall with the idea of sitting.

Anyway- I don’t think this will adversely affect my progress too much.

Protip: Soda doesn’t count as soda as long as it’s in a mixed drink. It’s basic science. For yer health!

Whoopsie Daisy! February 27, 2010

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First watch this:


Now that you’re warmed up, let’s get into the workout.

So I had my first yoga day last night. It was alright. I can’t tell how “good” I am. I’ve probably got some bad form, but at least I wasn’t  Snoop Doggy Doggin’ it. I went for it! Another thing I’m not sure of… See, I’ve got super long arms. I’m pretty much Dhalsim. And I think when Tony says “now if you can put your palms on the floor, that’s great, but if you can only get your fingers there,” or whatever, I can’t tell if I’m good, or I just have long arms. So…

Anyways, I was kickin ass at yoga. Had my mat, which became really slippery by the way.

Protip: Just throw a tshirt on it if your hands keeps slipping in the downward dog pose. FOR YOUR HEALTH!

So I had my mat, I was rollin along… except I was runnin outta time! The other workouts are like an hour long, but yoga was 90 minutes. I had to BOUNCE! So I only finished 1 hour of it. Whoopsie! I’ll know for next time. It was fun though, difficult at times and made sweat somethin fierce!

I finished one! February 26, 2010

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That’s a big accomplishment for me! These past few days have been horrible. In the workout and regular life. First night was the eye thing, 2nd was plyometrics… and that was abysmal. I got these long legs, but they are lazy legs. The legs… I’m like if a majestic gazelle didn’t like running in the savannah, but used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and had a lvl 80 female Draenei mage.

But tonight I found somethin’ to get a foothold in. It was my shoulders and triceps. Wanna give a shout out to my guy Marcos, ’cause without him I woulda been dead 3 days in a row. He wasn’t here, helpin’ me or anything, but in the past few months I’ve gone to the gym with him, on occasion, and we did arms, shoulder, back- the flashy ones. I think this kept them warm, so I didn’t have to quit any workout.

I tried to maintain my form and I’m still finding the correct weights (resistance bands).

Bonus: I wore my lab goggles from college. I figure if they can handle explosions, they can probably handle a little snap of a resistance band. We’ll see… I’m probably wrong.

Hot Dog… no wait… Not dog! February 25, 2010

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God! I’m doggin’ it. Today was my plyometrics day. It’s my day 2 week one.

bark bark!

I only made it through 32 solid minutes, workin’ with the gang on the video. Here’s the thing. I haven’t done anything this physical in a long time, but I just txt my guy, Chuy…

He seems to think I’ll improve, and offered me consolation in the fact that we repeat the same workout 3 weeks in a row, so I have time to improve.

Alright, Alright…

Food update: Boiled eggs kick ass. I used to make fun of my cousin for always eating boiled eggs…. but then I realized I was so lazy I would join the bandwagon.

Boiled eggs: The original set it and forget it. But don’t forget it- he exploded eggs all over his ceiling and his butch roommate got mad.

It feels like I smacked myself in the eye with a giant rubber band. February 24, 2010

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That’s because I DID smack myself in the eye with a giant rubberband.

I told you guys I had no idea what I’m doing. Safety first. Resistance straps are slippery. They don’t always grip well between your shoes and the CARPET.

The Eye (by Smashing Pumpkins)

Lesson learned: I need to use that yoga mat to trap that resistance band.

I heard it release from the toe of my shoe, then saw a flash of light. Then I screamed “MOTHER FUCKER!”

Food: Do what now? February 23, 2010

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Now, I won’t be posting my food everyday, only on milestones. I guess day 1 is a milestone. Let’s just say I have no idea what I’m doing. I sat down with my “ex-wife” last night and we came up with what foods I can and can’t have. I’m still not sure about portions and serving size.

My thought is this: serving sizes on the package are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I’m 6.1 and 187 pounds. I need about 2800 cal according to the worksheet. My reasoning is that I need about 1.5x the standard portions. So instead of 3oz. of carrots in a serving, I’ll eat 4.5oz. Amidoinitrite?

My old method of cooking was: I know what’s delicious, I know how much to put in… eyeball it. My new method of cooking is Meatwad saying “do what now?”

Here’s my first jump into the crazy waters of proper eating.

I got 2 servings of veggies, brown rice with boiled chicken and chipotle hot sauce. Also got my 2 servings of condiments in the ranch, there.

We’ll see if I improve.