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Drink Drank Drunk March 1, 2010

Posted by abowersock in Exercise and Diet.
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Let’s see… Not sure if I’m taking the diet as seriously… or adhering to it as strictly as I should

Friday night… had some brewskis had some drinkypoo’s. It’s Milwaukee, whaddya want from me?! But I also danced my ass off in a hot ass club. Did I burn those calories? I’d like to think so.

Saturday night… had only 6 brewskis. ¬†PBRs, but I’m no hipster. Danced my ass off. We all did.

During the day, though I stuck with the eating regimen and finished my workouts- wait. Scratch that. I almost finished my leg and back workout. My legs were on FIRE during the wall squats. I’m going to kill whoever invented walls…. or whoever combined a wall with the idea of sitting.

Anyway- I don’t think this will adversely affect my progress too much.

Protip: Soda doesn’t count as soda as long as it’s in a mixed drink. It’s basic science. For yer health!



1. Kitface - March 1, 2010

Your baaad. (I says having a wee sneaky soco at lunchtime on a Monday)

bowerock - March 1, 2010

Haha! Well, you also gotta dance your ass off!

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