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I took a licking! March 2, 2010

Posted by abowersock in Exercise and Diet.
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Day 7 already! It was a treat!

An hour of stretching… and to think, I didn’t even want to do it! I was a fool and I apologize to you, myself… but mainly my dog.

This is Fei Po (pronounced Faye Po). She’s a Cairn Terrier, made famous by Toto.Po Po, Rat, Potato, Pop Tart, Tato But she’s not black. She’s smart, and a rat and she sneaks up on you. You’ll feel a presence and hear snorting. It’s her.

Isn’t she puuuuudorable? The answer is yes.


If you have pets, you may notice that they get in the way of most things. Cooking… they’re walkin’ around your feet. Takin’ a crap… they bust through the door and lay down. Doin’ your day 7 P90X stretches… they’re on your face, your shoulders, your arms- lickin’ all your sweat. I just had to document it.

Yeah... she licked me for about 5 minutes.

Yup. There she is… gettin down to business. It was pretty funny, most of the time, but I think she got used to it. Even when I would shoo her away… she’d be right back.

Ok, that’s it, I think.

Point is: let your pets in on the workout, they won’t feel neglected and you get a free shower out of it.

Speaking of… I wasn’t going to shower tonight, because it wasn’t an intense workout. After writing this post and remembering her licking… I really should reconsider.



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