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Pretty much, I’m Aaron. I’m a 25 year old college grad, graphic designer and resident lazy bones.

I really hate doing stuff, but then my body started aching for no reason and I got heartburn a couple times. Nope- didn’t like that. So I decided to do somethin’…  My friends recommended P90X workout and said they already saw results in 30 days. Sounds good.

I know it’s an ass kicking regimen, but I’m looking forward to big changes this year. The reason I decided to make a blog is because I don’t know anything about anything. As I learn- you learn with me. I don’t know about proper nutrition and I don’t know about working out… but I’m a fast learner. I’ll also use this blog as motivation to stick with the program.



1. Kit - February 24, 2010

WOOT! getitDONE!

2. Autumn - February 24, 2010

You got this, bestie!! >.<

3. Lena and Ash - February 24, 2010

Aaron…we love you!!! Sorry about the eye!

4. chelsey - March 2, 2010

ha ur not a normal dude
thats for sure!

bowerock - March 2, 2010

Boooo! As far as workouts, and what I eat, I am… that’s what I meant. Cuz I (Used to) DON’T DO SHIT!

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