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I’m back, bitches! April 30, 2010

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Ok, the header went away… gotta make a new one.
Here’s me tonight!

me dead.

Call the hospital.

You may recall that I shredded my ankle a couple months ago being retarded in a bar. Tony’s Rule #1 in P90X? Don’t be a tard and shred your ankle!
Here’s me on the floor! It was Shoulders and Arms day today and I rocked it…. probably.
See, there were times where I thought about quitting, like “well… eff it, I just got back into it, I’m a little pudgy again (which I’m not).
Side note: P90X diet got rid of my belly pretty quick, but it also took my ghetto booty with it. Kinda upset about that… it was a good quality.
Do I have a main point? Not really- I’m pretty sure I can workout again tomorrow, but Saturday I’ll be in Madison gettin shwasted at 9am-???. Doubt I’ll be thinking about my squat-thrusts by then… or maybe I will? Get it?
Here’s my food for the night.
Yum Yum Hungro!

Yum Yum Hungro!