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I’m back, bitches! April 30, 2010

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Ok, the header went away… gotta make a new one.
Here’s me tonight!

me dead.

Call the hospital.

You may recall that I shredded my ankle a couple months ago being retarded in a bar. Tony’s Rule #1 in P90X? Don’t be a tard and shred your ankle!
Here’s me on the floor! It was Shoulders and Arms day today and I rocked it…. probably.
See, there were times where I thought about quitting, like “well… eff it, I just got back into it, I’m a little pudgy again (which I’m not).
Side note: P90X diet got rid of my belly pretty quick, but it also took my ghetto booty with it. Kinda upset about that… it was a good quality.
Do I have a main point? Not really- I’m pretty sure I can workout again tomorrow, but Saturday I’ll be in Madison gettin shwasted at 9am-???. Doubt I’ll be thinking about my squat-thrusts by then… or maybe I will? Get it?
Here’s my food for the night.
Yum Yum Hungro!

Yum Yum Hungro!


Hot Dog… no wait… Not dog! February 25, 2010

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God! I’m doggin’ it. Today was my plyometrics day. It’s my day 2 week one.

bark bark!

I only made it through 32 solid minutes, workin’ with the gang on the video. Here’s the thing. I haven’t done anything this physical in a long time, but I just txt my guy, Chuy…

He seems to think I’ll improve, and offered me consolation in the fact that we repeat the same workout 3 weeks in a row, so I have time to improve.

Alright, Alright…

Food update: Boiled eggs kick ass. I used to make fun of my cousin for always eating boiled eggs…. but then I realized I was so lazy I would join the bandwagon.

Boiled eggs: The original set it and forget it. But don’t forget it- he exploded eggs all over his ceiling and his butch roommate got mad.

Food: Do what now? February 23, 2010

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Now, I won’t be posting my food everyday, only on milestones. I guess day 1 is a milestone. Let’s just say I have no idea what I’m doing. I sat down with my “ex-wife” last night and we came up with what foods I can and can’t have. I’m still not sure about portions and serving size.

My thought is this: serving sizes on the package are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I’m 6.1 and 187 pounds. I need about 2800 cal according to the worksheet. My reasoning is that I need about 1.5x the standard portions. So instead of 3oz. of carrots in a serving, I’ll eat 4.5oz. Amidoinitrite?

My old method of cooking was: I know what’s delicious, I know how much to put in… eyeball it. My new method of cooking is Meatwad saying “do what now?”

Here’s my first jump into the crazy waters of proper eating.

I got 2 servings of veggies, brown rice with boiled chicken and chipotle hot sauce. Also got my 2 servings of condiments in the ranch, there.

We’ll see if I improve.