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Yoga time! May 4, 2010

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So, I got through another yoga day. This one was definitely a challenge!

I’d say my ankle’s at 96% right now and a lot of the moves… (maybe warrior 2?) required a straight leg, but the ankle was NOT havin that! Not like I dogged it or anything… I was sweatin bullets!

I ended up doing the whole thing, and almost tipped over once. There was the move “side balance” or whatever that kicked my ass. My muscles and arms were shakin like crazy but I powered through it!

Got to the final round of stretches and made it to crane before I called it quits. Not bad for second night back, I think.

Oh- I took the weekend off, ’cause I went to Madison and partied. I got exercise, though… I wandered around lost for about 1.5 hours and got my cardio.


Whoopsie Daisy! February 27, 2010

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First watch this:


Now that you’re warmed up, let’s get into the workout.

So I had my first yoga day last night. It was alright. I can’t tell how “good” I am. I’ve probably got some bad form, but at least I wasn’t ¬†Snoop Doggy Doggin’ it. I went for it! Another thing I’m not sure of… See, I’ve got super long arms. I’m pretty much Dhalsim. And I think when Tony says “now if you can put your palms on the floor, that’s great, but if you can only get your fingers there,” or whatever, I can’t tell if I’m good, or I just have long arms. So…

Anyways, I was kickin ass at yoga. Had my mat, which became really slippery by the way.

Protip: Just throw a tshirt on it if your hands keeps slipping in the downward dog pose. FOR YOUR HEALTH!

So I had my mat, I was rollin along… except I was runnin outta time! The other workouts are like an hour long, but yoga was 90 minutes. I had to BOUNCE! So I only finished 1 hour of it. Whoopsie! I’ll know for next time. It was fun though, difficult at times and made sweat somethin fierce!